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Very, very young, so if you want the charm and elegance just don't count on it and look for the other girl (or better yet - lady, and yes, this agency HAS classy ones). She has all the bonuses the youth brings though. If you want someone who has a lot of sexual stamina and can go through countless rounds of bedroom extravaganza, Mila is one of your best options. I had sex with good 70 percent of the agency, so I CAN compare, and Mila is not lazy in the slightest. She has the energy of three girls, and she's quite enthusiastic. Give her a great idea and she will give you an orgasm out of it. Her mouth is not as experienced as other escorts', buuuut she's still working wonders with it, just, you know... A little inexperienced wonders. Book the CIM + Swallow option, you'll thank me for the tip later.


She looks nice, sweet, romantic, tender... I wanted to indulge myself and meet this nice petal-like girl, and I got myself just what I was looking for. Olga is really very elvish, but, even though it's a paradox, she still looks sexy and she rocks her cute look like a boss. So it didn't feel off to have sex with her, as it possibly could when you're meeting a really cute girl. Sex with Olga didn't feel "professional", it felt great and real, even though we had moments of awkwardness and stuff. But it felt real, and some chemistry definitely was present. I loved her blowjob - really tender and careful, yet I enjoyed every minute of it.


With video can you use phone camera.

Answer: you can use the phone camera, yes. 


Does she offer video.

Answer: all the information on her page is correct. Lera does not offer a video recording option. 


Is Diana available during week days ?

Answer: all the girls normally are, but it depends on current situation with every girl. Please check with the operator. 


Is Lena available during week days ?

Answer: all the girls normally are, but it depends on current situation with every girl. Please check with the operator. 


Was happy to spend some time with Mila and relax a little after the hard working day. Her hands are something else, she really helped me lose the tension by just massaging me, and I'm not really sensitive to massage (plus she claims to be absolutely unprofessional in that, but I guess it comes naturally). She loves to kiss and be kissed, she is generally a sweet little tender kitten and I was quite happy to feel something else with a paid lover. My previous experiences mostly consisted of strict "straight to business" fucking, and this was really different. I never visit one escort twice, but I consider doing this with Mila.


Which positions does she work best with?

Answer: she doesn't have any limits when it comes to positions, the girl goes with the flow. 


I love spending time with Oksana, and every time we get together is like a holiday for me. We started with very fierce non-stop sex all the time we were together, and now we're more off to chill time spending (like a normal couple lol), we even got a pizza together one time and we actually ate it (Oksana eats in a very sexy way, so most of it was eaten cold, after sudden sex on the floor happened). She gives head majestically and she is VERY down to earth, and her pretty decent English helps make a connection a lot. Don't sleep on that girl. Sleep with her. Believe me. A gem. Looking forward to get sushi together and watch you eat em babe :)))


The queen of additional services! I loved everything I've tested with Zhanna so far. She can make ANYONE feel good about himself.


Really pretty


You are right Mike.I do travel to Sevastopol about every 2 months,because the girls there are way nicer and more loving than the girls i met in Kiev.And yes they do pick you up.The last time i was there,a very nice girl,23 picked me up in a cafe,and we rented a penthouse suite in the city of Sevastopol for 2 weeks.To Gia Agency.I have experienced more of a real woman and an honest one the further south i go in Ukraine.I am a very nice,very easy going guy and i have the utmost respect for woman.But the woman in Kiev are not as nice.They are seeking to marry for money.In Sevastopol,they are seeking to marry for love.They are very loving and very nice to be with.In Kiev not so much.


To Gia-Escorts.I just came back on line to see all of your models,and i was very supprised to see such very good and new photos of the girls that all men would like to see.Now i really know what they look like and i will soon be in Kiev. Thank You for all of your new photos.


One hour.At my home.

Answer: it is possible, we don't do arrangements and bookings via comments section though, please contact us. 


Cool crazy beautiful blond I absolutely loved meeting! Her titties are pure delight - they aren't saggy at all, but they are not small. Also they are crazy sensitive and you can almost give Zhenia an orgasm by caressing her breasts in the most professional and thoughtful mode ;) She is also great in giving head, I haven't experienced such a passionate blowjob for so long. What I would also like to mention is her English skills - there are not enough English-talking girls in the agency, and I loved that I can really have a conversation with Zhenia, it adds a lot to a date and it's a great way to set a mood before and after sex. Maybe if it wasn't for our communication, I would be satisfied and I would feel great but I wouldn't necessarily visit her again. Now I know for sure that I do really like the girl, not only sex with her, and revisiting her is on my to-do list in the closest time possible.


Veronika from Kiev is our very new escort. She looks like a tender spring flower, very sweet and young. But still she loves sex and she loves spending time with men. Absolutely flawless girl - the one that everyone would fall in love easily. Veronika will make your nights hotter! And don't forget to see her in her nurse sexy suit...


By tight Lera I mean to tight Her hands together.(60 dollars extra?)

Answer: Lera is against it. 


Tie, not tight. Bandage - BDSM practice.

Answer: no, she's against it. 


If I pay hour rate and 60 dollars extra charges(slave),may I tight Lera

Answer: what do you mean by tight? 


2russ: Aleksa controls what is allowed and what is not. She kisses more willingly, when she feels there's a need to improve her chances of making the encounter last longer. She's a great looking girl, and calculates quite well how to use what Mother Nature gave her. I wish she used her artistic side better, and brought more tender passion to act and pretend the kisses are sincere, whenever she finally decides to share herself to a wider extent.


My date was arranged a few days in advance and the meeting date came surprisingly quickly. There was lots of excitement for me throughout the day. Finally. It was time for us to get together. A knock at the door, I slowly open it to reveal Varvara, what a knock out! Mind you, I think she could look good in anything with her stunning body. A quick hug and a slow lingering kiss to greet each other to begin with. I poured us some whiskey i took with myself to treat her and we retired to the lounge to chat for a little while. Varvara has a beautiful face, striking blue-grey eyes with a very genuine personality - so easy and nice to talk to. The sex was quite intense at times and at one stage we were both panting, like we both had run a 100 meter dash, but felt so much better. I've no doubt Varvara likes to be pleasured but she also likes to please her man and most certainly did this with me, in more ways than one. The only disappointment for me was that we could have had longer together than a couple of hours! A beautiful night, with a beautiful woman, she is the “PERFECT” companion.


Travel to Mumbai

Answer: you can lea about our traveling system here


what is kissing at will is that full girlfriend or just if she like you and your clean

Answer: if you have a chemistry with the girl and you're clean. 


Is it Possible to have sex without Condom?

Answer: absolutely not. 


I love hot blondes, ain't nothing I can do with this. Emma is by far the hottest I've met - she looks a little vulgar on pictures, but in life it could really pass as cute even, because she is a bit dollish and her behavior is too. It comes naturally and it looks naturally, so nothing off about it. She's a little vulgar in bed too, doing things men like to experience ;) I watched her playing with her vibrator and it really tu ed me on so bad that I couldn't wait to just take her from behind, and she asked me to do it faster and harder all the time, damn I have a boner just reimagining this. The discount was a nice touch for the date, by the way, so I would recommend taking her while the discount is still on for her!


Can she come to Goa ?

Answer: Yes.


Can I bring condoms of my taste?

Answer: yes, you can. 


I really connected with Aleksa, even though she's a lot younger than me (twenty years). Probably says alot of my lack of maturity or how mature she is depending on how you look at it, but I don't really care. She's great to talk to, very chatty and it's easy to connect with her because she does her best to understand you, to feel you and find the way to make your experience unbelievable - not only sexually, but also unforgettable for your mind, heart and soul. Absolute top shelf girl, lovely personality, made me feel like a king in bed with her techniques and her beautiful, young, slim body (I felt like she wasn't in the Christmas-y New Year-y delirium eating and drinking all days long - she looks so good). Highly recommended.


True angel... The girl who's SO overwhelmingly beautiful that I would be okay even if she couldn't fuck for her life's sake, but fortunately she's just gorgeous in bed. With Karoline you have to be more on a tender spectrum of things. She loves it this way. Don't get me wrong, she can be rough okay and she can be treated roughly, she's not the tender butterfly who won't be able to handle some passionate sex, but if you want her to truly open to you and show you her truest and the most beautiful colors, you just have to be tender with this girl. Even if you like it rough, you'll like what goes on between you believe me. She's a good kisser and she is a great person, beautiful inside out. The one who deserves to be treated greatly.


Can I bring some customs to her and takes photos (with cloths on)?

Answer: yes, but only with clothes on. 


Honestly guys, she's just hotter than the sun. I couldn't believe my eyes while I was looking through her pictures and basically I like lowering my expectations in order not to be disappointed if reality is slightly worse than them, and with Sonia it worked for me even more because she was better than I expected. So... I was totally smashed away by this beauty. She doesn't lack a thing in bed also, which was also a surprise for me. She's very attentive and she really puts effort into pleasing you. Also bonus points for being a good kisser and being able to blush, Sonia knows what I mean ;) A great choice.


I am going to Kiev 29/1-31/1. Can I already do a 6 hours reservation for this girl now or is it too early?

Answer: it's way too early. Call us in 3-4 days before the desired meeting date. 


Can she lick my asshole?

Answer: yes, it's called rimming and it's an additional service, +50$. 


I had an incredible time with Anna in the end of December when I visited Kiev. She looked so bright on the pictures, I couldn't stay away and I was more than happy with my choice. She is a tall beautiful girl with natural big breasts and smooth pale skin. I loved that she doesn't abuse fake tan and stuff like that, she's more of a natural kind of girl and her beauty is truly stunning. Also: fantastic bum for bum lovers. She was a great person to spend time with, I couldn't ask for someone better for a sensual evening. Excellent oral. Great kisser. Open to many positions. Sexually fun. I am for some part happy that I don't live with Kiev. Otherwise I would quickly go broke because of that vixen.


I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely (and slightly shy, which I honestly liked more than I thought I would) Ms Yulia. I will keep this very short and factual because she did drop hints that she isn't a fan of the whole "review culture" (maybe that's why there's not hundreds of raving reviews here yet), so hopefully I'm not disrespecting her by posting this (and because I would like to see her again!!, and who wouldn't??) So sticking to the facts of our meeting, I would very much like to say that Yulia is a gorgeous intelligent blond who is very competent in everything sex-related. There was good great sex and I left most satisfied (and with a big smile on my face). I wish I was capable of round 2 because I would have gladly ravished her again. Thank you Yulia for seeing me - you are a real sweetie!


Can I pay for everything with card? If so, I would like to arrange meeting with Alexa ASAP

Answer: To pay with card not possible, sorry.


She's fantastic


Visited Kat again today. What more can I say? Only one thing: the visit was everything I wanted and more, and I will be visiting her again because she's just what I searched for in my favorite call girl. This is my second recent visit so I knew exactly what to expect and I was not dissappointed at slightest! She is a bright and energetic personality, real spinner, I was actually a little put off the first time by that because I was in very relaxed mood, but the second time I wanted to raise my mood and she helped me. She is IMHO a good GFE girl and responded positively to all my requests. I booked an hour visit and we used the most of it in the best possible way. And there was another pleasant thing about her... No sign of clock watching. Her phone did ring a couple of times, she offered to tu it to silent but did not even suggest that she wished to answer it and disturb our enjoyment. Very polite, but still a big energy burst. So great.


Hey guys. Tried staying strong and staying away from escorts this year. But this was definitely worth it and I'm happy that I indulged myself with a meeting after I spent... so much time with her pictures haha. Saw her profile and to be honest pics are what you get and I really like that she has selfies, she has nothing to hide and pictures prove this, they are unretouched at all (I mean selfies). To be honest, maybe she even looks better in person. She's Gorgeous, no denying that. Her body is perfect. Firm butt, lean body, great curves and a very very attractive face, a bit capricious, like a baby face you instantly fall in love with.. Beautiful and very deep brown eyes, no pictures are doing her eyes justice. She's looking up at you while giving you head. Getting all sloppy and deep then coming up and giving you a very passionate kiss.. Oh my god, she is perfect. I get hard just reminiscing about our meeting. She has a really great warm and friendly personality. It was good to relax, hug and kiss. Legit felt like a girlfriend but during sex it was po star level dirty. I can honestly say out of the 20 girls I've seen last two years this experience was by far the best one. I recommend booking her for more than the hour, even though it was very unrushed it wasn't long enough. I will definitely book her sometime in a couple weeks.


I wanted to meet Svetlana because I'm absolutely in love with MILFs, and this one, with perfect big breasts, just never left my mind and I wanted to meet her so much. I was so nervous about meeting her and it really amused me because usually I have no problems meeting girls. Something about Svetlana was too demanding so I even bought her flowers. Svetlana waited at the lobby of the hotel for me and I can say her photos don't do justice. We then head up to my room where we have a brief chat, a drink and I went to freshen up in a shower. Out of the shower and the fun begins. Excellence BBBJ, DFK, DATY and sex in multiple positions. Svetlana is very flexible and she encouraged me to try a few positions that I've never tried before. She is very friendly and will put anyone at ease. I only have one regret... and that's not making a longer booking. Our one hour booking flew by like no tomorrow. Soooo I think I will come meet her again.


10-30AM - 11-30PM