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My time with a beautiful blonde named Olga, much too short as it was (a little more than two hours sadly), felt like the first time with a girlfriend. She was hell-bent on ensuring I had an experience that would not easily be forgotten and in that she succeeded admirably. Though I admire communication a lot and she couldn't give me that level of talk I wanted, with her I've lost my speech. She also gives kinda good massage and a good kisser also.


Can Stacy travel to Europe? Thanks

Answer: no, she's not traveling at all. 


If you want the girl from the pictures, you'll get her! Rita is real, I checked. She has plump limps that just beg to be kissed and bit hard and an awesome booty that just wants to be spanked - I did both (and God was it great...). She enthusiastically gives and receives in every sexual activity, never stalls. We tried a number of different positions and she was very accommodating and eager to please, never for a minute hesitating to try something. I can be a bit of a talker and Rita didn't let me forget what we were there for. Moments after the first round, and she was already asking how long I needed to recover. When we did talk I found a friendly and down to earth girl in Rita. Actually, I think I've found my favorite girl from this beautiful selection.


Good gosh she's unbelievably beautiful!! Want her for lap dance, strip tease, massage and love making!!!

Answer: all of this is possible, just make your order. 


Hello, I like to meet with Svetlana in Kiev, is it possible for a whole day? The photos I see here, they are really the photos of this woman? - I want to meet with this woman I see here on photos - no other woman! Are ALL the photos actual? I ask because I had bad experience with fake photos in the past...Thanks for honest answer.

Answer: Svetlana IS the person on pictures. We've never used fake pictures for our girls. You will get what you see on photos. ALSO she is only available for 6 hours max, if you want to spend more time with her please contact our manager via phone numbers mentioned on our site to find out if it's possible. 


can you let me know if emma likes to have sex with another of your girls.

Answer: yes, anyone of them who offers the lesbi option. 


Can Sonia bring uniform (nurse or school girl) or can I bring for a meeting

Answer: Sonia doesn't have any, but of course you can buy them for her and bring for a meeting. 


does Sonia have a large, pronounced tattoo? thanks

Answer: yes, Sonia's tattoo is quite large and pronounced. 


I couldn't believe Sabina is up for discount! This chic babe? No way! So I made sure to order a date as soon as I saw the discount and yeah it was real! She's even more beautiful in person, and she has tons of energy, she delivers a lot of pleasure. Deep throating is really deep! And she enjoys oral so much it's unbelievable.


It is deceptive to cover face on ALL fotos with mask, because anyone else who resembles her body can show up!

Answer: the girl wants to stay incognito this way, she has the right to do that. 


She's pretty cute, and I loved that she gave me the most unexpected girlfriend experience ever. She was mostly down to earth, absolutely real, but suddenly nowhere near to being afraid of getting naked and having sex. She was very, very real, a great passionate kisser, and she suddenly gave me a blowjob which I would call very close to a really good one. CIM+Swallow was also a very great option to enjoy. I would recommend Alisa to almost everyone who enjoys some good time with real girls.


Добрый день, скажите, Татьяна раньше работала под именем Рита? Или этнографа другая девушка?

Ответ: Да, верно. Работала под именем Рита.


Sabina is a dirty little girl and loves sex! Meeting was scheduled super easily, she shows up, as requested in sexy lingerie. She kisses me right away and we sit down on the couch where she gets out my dick. She starts jerking me off while masturbating herself, keeps my dick right next to her pussy. We fuck in rider position, reverse cowgirl, then doggy in front of the mirror. I make her cum twice and at the end she lets me cum on her naked pussy. I shoot all my sperm onto her and she LOVED it! 100% recommend this beautiful drity girl!


need for 2 hours tonight at Liuteranska Street 16.

Answer: please, CALL to book a girl! We DON'T do booking via comments!


Wow she has fantabulous breasts. Cross that she looks Fantastic. Period.is she for real? Does she enjoy having her breasts sucked/played with? Does she have costumes?

Answer: She is for real, and she enjoys playing with her breasts. Unfortunately she doesn't have any uniforms, you can buy the ones you like for her and use it during your meeting. We'd like to stress that Marina is NOT a professional escort of any kind. Her price is mainly the price for her beauty. You can meet her, spend time with her, have sex with her, play with her breasts, but don't be waiting for some kind of special professional girl. 


Polina is great if you like sex-marathons! I've always dreamt about one and NO girl ever was even close to have enough stamina for that, but Polina has energy of four, five girls maybe. You're not ready for this, believe me :))) My recommendation is to visit her when you're full of energy, not tired and empty, and when your balls are a little more than full. And take 4 or 6 hours with her. Then and ONLY THEN you'll get the fullest of experience. Polina will blow you and will blow your mind. She is fully capable of doing that.


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