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What: An offer so hot, you will lose your trousers. We sometimes call it “Burning Offer” - because our females can really burn you with their hotness, and when they give you some discount, this offer becomes a really dangerous one. Try to keep calm and choose someone you like to have a great discount right now!

Who: Women will always give you pleasant and unforgettable sex. You will feel yourself a king while spending time with them. You will be all gorgeous and satisfied when they make you come for more and more. Be sure, Gia-escorts are worth your attention and they will hold your breath and be the rightest choice for a celebration!

What: A discount. Size of this discount may vary, but still it is a discount. Not every agency gives discounts for their models. We didn't give it too. But that was long ago - now our models want to cheer men up on their own, and they want to make more dates possible. For those who want to save a little, we have this discount called Hot-Offer - something that will make your sexual life much more interesting and hot. Just like this offer!

Why: Because GiA women want so. And they always do what they want - now they want YOU to come and choose someone you like to spend time with. And they will even get less money for that - just to make a special offer you can't stand declining. So we bet you already want it - you don't want to disappoint our pretty and XXX-models, right?

Extra: Light prices. Beautiful females. What more could possibly a man wish? These conditions are made just for you and your satisfaction. We are not planning to ever end Hot-Offer, even though our first plans were to make each girl have her discount once and end it all. But our females liked working with different categories of men, so now they really want to continue satisfying you on special conditions. And it's worth respecting - they really love their job and clients, because each one of them is a real high-class professional. Want to try them? Go on and choose someone!

What else:  Maybe you would like to have a lifetime discount? Ask our manager - maybe, you already have this discount. To get it, you need to ask one (or many, who knows) of our courtesans out for 10 or more times. That's it! You have your own lifetime discount for all of the types of our services!

We have a little hint for you: try and wait for some time, and if the lady of your dreams still wasn't on Hot-Offer, she will be there soon. Be sure!




10-30AM - 11-30PM