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MODEL - Inna - Professional escort

This young Kiev courtesan is the real bombshell! She's the ultimate choice for those who want to entertain themselves with a perfect young lady, who knows how to make men plead for more. Inna is trained in the art of body loving, and her skills in sex are terrific - you better learn them by yourself! Inna is the queen of blowjob, very professional. She has dildos and vaginal balls, different jumpsuits and uniforms of nurse, french maid and slave. Pussy is shaved clean.

* You can shoot a video with me blindfolded for an additional price of 200$ or more. If you want some REAL lesbi show - invite me with  Yaroslava! We have true passion for each other. 

Health testing
Shengen Yes!
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Please ask the manager for the password to see uncovered pictures, call us at 044-584-40-90 and put the password in the form



Name Inna
Age 28
Eyes blue
Hair blond
Zodiaņ Cancer
Height 168
Weight 55
Bust 90 (C)
Pussy Shape 4
Waist 64
Hip 94
Shoe size 37
Dress size 38
Smoker no
Gave birth Yes
Inter. passport Yes
Languages English (Good)
Shengen Yes


1 hour :200$
2 hours :300$
3 hours :350$
4 hours :400$
6 hours :500$
10 hours :750$
1 day :900$
2 days :1300$
3 days :1800$
4 days :2300$


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Toys Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes
Strapon Yes
Uniforms Yes


CIM Yes +40$
CIM + Swallow Yes +60$
Lesbi Yes +60$
Couples Yes +50%
Domination Yes +50$
Slave Yes +60$
G-rain rec. Yes +60$
Rimming Yes +50$
Group 2per. Yes +50%
Group 3+per. Yes +70%
Video shooting Yes +500$

! Dear clients, we ask you very politely not to ask our girls to give you their tel. numbers or emails, this is forbidden by our rules. Besides, they tell us about it and we add such men to the black list ! 

PHONE: +38044-584-40-90 NO SMS! (call our english speaking operator from 10.30a.m. till 11.30p.m.)


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We arrange comfortable and private apartments for meetings:
1-6 hours $30-$70
1 day rent $90

CONTACT OUR MANAGER - 69escorts@googlemail.com

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William 27.02.2017

Inna was excellent. I recently had her for four hours and it was a great time. She is a very sexy girl (although I think she should return to the red hair) and extremely nice. I ordered two of Inna's extra services and she delivered on them. I was worried that she would be timid or only want to do it briefly, but all was good. I do wish that the operator had asked me questions before sending her over. When she arrived, Inna did not know how long I wanted her to stay or what extra services I wanted. Had the operator asked, I would've tried to book her for a full day and requested that she bring a bikini and gym clothes. Very satisfied customer.

Romeo 27.11.2016

Is Inna available for a week of dressups,roleplay and domination (giving)? It would of course include dinner dates,sleepovers and some naughty massage /striptease.

Answer: Yes, she is available.  It's a good choice of a girl for a long time together. She's very skillful and active, experienced yet really tender and caring girl. She can do whatever you'd like, the program you desire is not a problem at all. She has a lot of needful experience.  

Fred 24.11.2016

I always had a fascination for Marilyn Monroe... Can Inna dress up as Monroe and go out for dinner date +verdict stay?

Answer: Yes, she can.


She is very experienced! I see her as a "holy grail" escort for anyone who's using GIA escort services. She's one of the best client-oriented ladies, very attentive and beautiful af. A sight for sore eyes, very sweet and nice and her voice is so pleasant. Her skills are good and getting better with every time I meet her. She genuinely enjoys sex and everything about sex. If her look is right up your alley, you need to order her now.

Evan 15.09.2016

Unfortunately I didn't meet Inna in her "Monroe" period, but I loved being with her now. She doesn't look a bit like old hollywood diva, but she has another pluses, and each one of them is just terrific. This lady owns her business, she's into giving pleasure and she loves the process of sex, she loves giving head especially, and if the process is simultaneous, she just moans like crazy with a dick in her mouth... You know, I was pretty blown away by this. This one you just need in your life.


ABSOLUTELY BOMB! Totally flawless, she's SO GOOD IT HURTS! Her old pictures were meh, but these ones caught my attention, I called her in and she was even better. Yeah, SHE LOOKS EVEN BETTER IRL! She's definitely a pro, very good looking, with perfect body, no stretch marks or excessive weight. Performing everything in style and actually enjoying every minute of sex! I never had lovers like this in my life, let alone hookers! This is top-notch guys, need to get her ASAP!

Arthur 14.08.2014

Now I understand why Inna has a lot of good reviews. She is really a good escort. I took her for escorting me to the party, and then for a whole night. It was quite expensive, more expensive than in other Kiev agencies, but other agencies do not have Inna x)) So this girl charmed me. She doesn't look like Monroe, but she is quite good and beautiful herself, really stunning in her looks and in her skills. She can do many things and she never fails to make you smile. Guess it's important.

Mike 21.07.2014

I had the pleasure of meating Inna for a few hours one night. There was plenty of time, so we started of with a glass of wine and some small talk. She was really pleasant to talk to. Her appearence was not as dolled up as in her pictures, but not any less pretty! More of a girl-next-door look, a very lovely face and a really sexy, natural body. She looks amazing! The sex was really good. I

INNA 14.07.2014

Guys, I have my own schengen visa now. I can come with you to any place in Europe if you'd like! So ask me to come!

Vic 28.06.2014

Spent a night with this lady and now i have unbearable desire to tell the world about her. Photos are not doing her any good, because she's beautiful in the way that can't be shown on pics at all. She's charismatic and she is nice. She has her flaws when it comes to sex (as for me she wasn't very taken by the process and she was not moaning at all, very silent), but still it's pleasant to fuck this lady and spend time with her. I'd recommend her to anyone.

Gregory 26.05.2014

Blond beauty, very feminine. She is totally hot and absolutely stunning in her bed skills. Very skillful in blowjob especially, her plump lips move upon the dick and make me feel the most heavenly in the world. I loved spending time in bed with her. However she does feel selfabsorpt in a way, but it doesn't affect sex so it felt ok to me.

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